SideWalk Poetry


I love the sound of breaking ice Under boots on ...
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my grandmother made from brown paper bags. We call this ...
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East of the freeway at 42nd and 4th a lone ...
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A New Way

My heart was heavy felt like rain pounding down dimenished ...
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Taking Off

I recall breaking out of my shell a roaring griffin ...
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Two Trees growing together

no poem title

deeply rooted, you and I, on this small plot of ...
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child dust wishes

Roo Comedown

these dusty dirt roadscan't tarnishthe karma we envisioni write my ...
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You’re as brave as dragon slayerA warriorEveryone seeksHolding the weight ...
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Sidewalk Chalk

Look at the sidewalkThat goes around the blockNo need for ...
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One day I put down my phone, turned off the ...
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Sidewalk closed

Icy Field of Danger – a haiku

The terror awaits The icy Field of danger... It's our ...
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A Line Bus

A Line Love

I like to ride the A line. It’s pretty neat ...
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Our Front Yards

Fuzzy white-grey orbs Poised atop spindly rubber antennae Towering over ...
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Ice cream

that sad and lonely dq

Ruined dairy queen A dead, coyote haunted by the tumbleweed ...
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Roses are red, violets are blue, life will go on, ...
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Paris in April

Paris is memories on fire, burning with a voracity of ...
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Delighted squeal: "Bacon!" Ain't no fakin' - the best food: ...
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Summer days in a blissful haze Spring is a wild ...
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Earth-Shattering Events

Earth-shattering events are the ones that mark time (or so ...
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River Road St Paul

River Road Haiku

Pale white skin, exposed Bikers, runners, and babies All 'long ...
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