A Line Love

A Line Bus

I like to ride the A line. It’s pretty neat Connecting with my community When I got tired feet. by Kristina Mattson

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Our Front Yards


Fuzzy white-grey orbs Poised atop spindly rubber antennae Towering over washes of green Dabbed with sunshine Such like the star-glittered night sky And no less prolific Only fleeting with the wind And time. by Jennifer Stewart

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Delighted squeal: “Bacon!” Ain’t no fakin’ – the best food: Surely, ’tis bacon! by Tina Cassler

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Summer days in a blissful haze Spring is a wild fling of blooming life Fall leaf piles not small at all Winter snow continues to blow by Keri Becker

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Earth-Shattering Events


Earth-shattering events are the ones that mark time (or so we think). What about the whispers we miss, and spirits so subtle we don’t even know why we shivered? by Mary Tinucci

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