Reasonable Doubt

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I’m tempted to rip open the earth with my bare hands, to pull out all remaining sanity, assuming there still is some left to mine. by Timothy Woldt

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waves on lake superior

Welcome to this moment Mindful The rising and falling of breath Like a blood orange sun sets And ascends in circles Like a crescent moon cradled In starlight, waxes and wanes Like a tidal wave Bends and breaks in wings Wind hovers over waters Can you hear it? Hush Breathe again. by Taylor Johnson

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Life is

bike path

Life is an escape for the breathing that I makeA sensation when I wake to take in all I faceLife is a mentor towards all that I’m meant forAnd may it be just thatA journey to lead me and see me through the next door by Aaron Nelson

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I love the sound of breaking ice Under boots on winter sidewalks The crick-crack crunch makes me happy enough, in the moment, to forget the temperature and the reasons why you left. Still, it’s very cold today. Windchill factor minus one. by Lisa Arnold

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my grandmother made from brown paper bags. We call this ‘upcycling’ today. Treasure conjured from colorful scraps, odds and ends, images collated. Repurposed eye candy. by Julie Martin

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East of the freeway at 42nd and 4th a lone wild turkey forages through sooty snow while my heart stirs aflutter. by Julie Martin

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A New Way

My heart was heavy felt like rain pounding down dimenished to just a grain, then I met a man his name unknown but seemed my faith was grown the sun began to shine once we were INTRODUCED..HIS NAME WAS JESUS.. My heart began to beat again He gave me new life, courage to face another…

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Taking Off

I recall breaking out of my shell a roaring griffin in a dove’s nest. Then, while taking off with one giant flap of my wings, being told I didn’t fly the right way. by Payton Kerkau

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