Sustain Ward 3

Sustain Ward 3 is a group of neighbors in St. Paul who advocate for community, fiscal and environmental sustainability in the Highland Park and Mac-Groveland neighborhoods in Saint Paul, MN.

The future of Saint Paul depends on expanding its housing availability, transit system and increasing its tax base.

A city needs people. Those people need jobs and safe and effective ways of traveling from point A to point B around the city.

Sustain Ward 3 advocates for a community that emphasizes mixed commercial and residential land use with affordable housing options, has access to multiple modes of transportation, focuses on locally owned business, and implements sustainable forms of development and energy.

By advocating for projects like the current Ford Site plan, Riverview Corridor transit expansion, and Snelling South upzoning plan, Ward 3 can take an active lead in a sustainable future for Saint Paul.


Want to Get Involved?

There’s lots of ways you can become involved in Sustain Ward 3 and help promote a sustainable future for Ward 3 and the City of Saint Paul:

Want to be a Sustain Ward 3 volunteer? Go to Get Involved to find out how you can participate and/or promote Sustain Ward 3 and Ward 3 projects.

Show up at a meeting to show your support for projects. We send out regular Newsletter Updates about meetings.

Contribute to the Sustain Ward 3 GoFundMe campaign to financially support Yard Signs and Window Signs, Rally Signs and Stickers that show support at city meetings, and even this website.